You are somewhere. On your way home after another day in the office, shopping with friends or discovering your city when you realise that there is dinner to sort out. But what to have? There is this recipe that you wanted to do last week but you think…no you KNOW that some ingredients are way past their shelf life. What to do? You remember that there was rocket….and lime…mhmm..the lime is still ok…rocket? Better get new one! Mango? You don’t remember it until you are at home anyway.
So there you are reading the recipe again and realising that you don’t have it all….and you toss it away. Sod it. You improvise. Go in the grey corners of your brain to improvise and go into the kitchen. Ready for the battle!
And this is how one of the yummiest salads came into my live.
The Mango was already on it’s way out so sod it…
Rocket in the bowl, Avocado was just holding it together but sill cut able, Mozzarella torn into bite size pieces.
And now the dressing…..lime of that one lemon, good olive oil and some herbs and WHISK it. And it makes CLICK! Why did I never whisk dressings before? With a proper whisker???? It’s divine…and there is some leftover chicken still about and the evening is saved!
So jump way out of your comfort zone for once and trust your instincts!

Yes it did! It was in October last year that my doctor got my blood tested, just a routine thing she said.
Well the results told a different story. My Iron and Vitamin B12 levels were very low. I got some pills subscribed to bring them up again. No info, nothing. So what you do in times like these? You use a search engine as if you’ve never done it before. And I got scared, pretty scared. Anaemia was one of them. Now I got worried.

So I had to change my diet. Quickly. Lists got printed off and brains picked about what to prepare…oh dear.
The attempt to eat more healthy/fat free resulted in me not eating the things I should have done. No wonder I was tired and crappy the whole time. So out went the low-fat-healthy-for-you-wannabebutter and in came the realy deal with the whole milk as it’s partner. And god it was good! I forgot how good whole milk tasted like. And butter!!!! Why did I rejected you for sooo long. Will you ever forgive me?

It all worked out in the end. The new blood results showed that it all really was/is just diet related. Hooray.
So from now on it is salads with lemon juice (helps the body to absorb the iron and B12), fish, which I need to get used to, and beef!!! And even though the doc said, spread the butter thinly and have everything in moderation, what if I get hid by a car tomorrow? My last thought shall not be: I wish I had more butter on that slice of bread.


August 10, 2009

Every once in a while I come along a recipe that I can’t resist and want to make on the spot. I found another one less than a week ago. On my way back from my holidays, I picked up a magazine which had a food special about mediterranean food and there it was…lemon salad.
I know, i know…lemon salad doesn’t make an impression the first time you read it but then your taste buds want to try it….the sourness and taste of summer!
So I made it on saturday as a companion to my meatballs and it was absolutely great!!
I translated the recipe below and forgive me for not making pictures as I was too greedy.

Lemon salad
(4 portions)
2 big or 4 small lemons
2 small onions
mint, chopped
1/2 chilli, chopped
olive oil, 1 table spoon

Peel the lemons and leave the white peeling on. Half, quarter and then cut in pieces the fruits. Pour water over the lemon pieces so that it covers them and put aside for 30 minutes. This means that all the bitterness will be drawn out.
Chopp the onions and put in a bowl with the mint, chilli and oil. Discard the water from the lemons, put some fresh water back in and carefuly squeeze the lemons but don’t squash them. Discard the water and put it in the bowl with the chilli, onions and oil. Season to taste.

All that sizzles

June 3, 2009

It started last friday with the weather forecast announcing 23°C, a very summery weekend and first days of the following working week. I was gobsmacked and over the moon. Finallly my summer clothes were allowed out and not just worn whenever I fly back home in July. I was walking through the city wondering where I could get my next cold drink (Costa makes a superb ice coffee!) and enjoying the heat. I was wearing flip flops and was grinning like mad. I even sat in the sunshine but then had to leave as it was getting too hot for me. I love it when there are days of summer that I can enjoy especially when you know there is a BBQ planned for the evening and all you have to worry about is the drinks. Even if it means waiting 2 hours for a taxi to go back home.
I loved creating salads, eating the best pink grapefruits and sweetest scottish strawberries (strangely when it’s really hot I can’t eat “properly” during the day).
But the part I enjoyed the most was (still is and will be for the next warm days) sitting at my kitchen window, eating, nibbling, drinking and watching DVD’s. And yes I did watch SATC…looking for the one scene when it’s boiling hot and she is sitting at the open window and drinking an iced tea.

Half of Great Britain is snowed in and making a huge fuss about it. Further up north, we had snow but don’t make a big deal out of it. The last time it snowed was last wednesday and today on the way to the Pub it started snowing again. Even though it was very cold outside I saw that the snowflakes melted as soon as they touched the ground and thought it would stop snowing anytime soon and we can all get on with it…..errrr..nope. It continued snowing and now everything is covered in inches of snow. I love it!!! I was walking home and all I could think about was hot chocolates, pancakes, drinking hot tea under the blanket and nibbling chocolates. I love snow! I am so excited about snow..that I just want to scream Snowfight whilst having a giggle fit. It feels good to have never grown up properly.

I have a jeans that is on purpose one size to big and for only one reason, the after christmas fat hiding. Don’t get me wrong, I like my “extra liver space” but when you have to open the button so you can breathe on the plane, something is seriously wrong!

And now I am stuck in this weird time between crhistmas and new year when you want to change things but don’t really want to start because you still can get away with those little extra chocolates and crisps because you will start your new fittness regime in the new year….I hate it. Not just that I have to teach my tummy to feel hungry again (I loose the art of feeling hungry everytime I go home) but I also have to fight with myself if I should eat that itsy bitsy peace of delicious food or if it would be better to put it away. Pfffft at the same time there is this strange energy inside me wanting to change things and start doing stuff that needs to be done like fixing the Senseo or clean out the kitchen drawers. I even alread started looking at herbs that I want to get for mz wee kitchen garden.

And now the washing machine is stuck again….

No, it’s not always Pasta!!!

September 30, 2008

Thanks to the Merchant City Festival that is in Glasgow once year, I now own 3 beautiful smoked sausages (venison, wild boar and garlic). While I was at the stall eying up the other nice stuff a lady was trying several slices of the sausage and always asked the seller if that would go with Pasta. I could see that he was close to executing her (it was a french market) when she suddenly turned around to me and asked me if I tried the Boar one and if I would find it quite strong as well. As I was also very annoyed by her I couldn’t resist saying that yes it tastes very strong but you aren’t supposed to eat them with anything and certainly not mixed it into Pasta!! You eat the sausages on their own with maybe bread and a nice wine. That moment the German-French friendship got a huge push.

First of all welcome to the just moved blog. The move only took 5 minutes and sofar it looks good.

Enough of that, let’s right about foooood. I just came back from the Mono and despite me over-eating a wee bit at breakfast, I couldn’t resist the Menu card. Mono is a vegetarian join (but there is veggie bacon and just bacon on the menu) and the menu reads great. We had potato-onion-fritter with mushroom stroganoff, cauliflower&broccoli&courgette fritters with soy&chili sweet sour dip and I indulged myself on a Greek platter (Pitta bread, self-made humus, olives, salad, falafal (very nice) and self made Tsatsiki (not so nice)). Of couse we all tasted each others food and the potato-onion-fritter was yummy. More like a huge blob of a fritter. It leaves you well satisfied and full but in a good way.

The Mono on the inside looks to me unfinished. There is so much more that can be done with it decoration wise. And I managed not to go into the reord shop and saved myself some bucks there.

In a different life, I would be on my way to Arisaig right now but Dinner had to be cancelled. Well at least this baby gets another update on this baby.
On the left you see the fantastic/yummy/heavenly apple crumble that I ate at the Butterfly and Pig. They just use the right apples, Bramley I believe, so it’s never to sweet. To top it all, the custard is self made as well!! So you get a not to small serving of this sour sweet crumble and an a nice serving of home made custard that you can pour over the piece as you like. Heaven!
What I love so much about the Butterfly and Pig is that you never know which lovely thing they have in their cabinet which is always stacked with delicious cakes. I always wonder how customer’s are able to have a serving after they already had a main course as those are huuuuge as well. Well I am more an ice-cream-after-main-course person anyway. So whenever we are in the B&P on a sunday to read our papers, there is nothing nicer than having a big piece of cake with it and you should always give yourself a little treas as well.

Last week my brother, who is coming next week, was asking me about the one and only Scottish delicacy – deep fried mars bar…he wanted to try one.
I am surprised that he didn’t became diabetic the moment he was thinking about it….
I was lucky enough to try some home made ones (Thanks Judith), proof on the left, and I did like them….especially when there are still hot and the chocolate is nice and runny. We also had a wee glass of Buckfast but that I shall never drink again.
After some research I figured out that apparently you just go to the nearest chippie with the Mars bar and they do all the rest for you…we shall try it out but I will be a bit adventurous and try a Snickers.